Smart Fishing Float Bite Hook Discoloration

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1. Shipped in random colors and sizes

1. Gravity-induced discolored fish drift can only discolored night fishing effortlessly.
2. Green before biting and red after biting.
3. Precision silica gel sealing waterproof ring of metal battery warehouse bits close metal interface, good corrosion resistance, strong wear resistance.
4. Design of explosion-proof roof to improve the condition of floating explosion roof, strengthen the firmness of floating tail and enhance the service life of floating.
5. Fabrication of fluorescent paint with good toughness by using high quality fiberglass to float tail.

Brand Name: VKTECH
Drifting Tail Type: Long Tail
Size: /
Type: LED Fishing Float
Product Type: Fishing Float
Position: Ocean Boat Fishing
Shape: /
Model Number: /
Material: /
Plastic Type: /
Category: /
Float Type: Luminous Float
feature 1: Fishing Float
feature 2: Smart Fishing Float
feature 3: Luminous Float
feature 4: night float
feature 5: float bobber
feature 6: led fishing float
feature 7: smart fishing led light float
feature 8: glowing float
feature 9: floating alarm
feature 10: led bobber

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